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Partial and complete demolition in Five Points

Premier Atlanta Demolition Services handles a full range of exterior demolition services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings of up to twenty stories in height. Our goal with every exterior demolition project is to make the overall process easy for you by providing full service capabilities. We handle all aspects that might be part of the demolition process so that you can eliminate multiple contracting situations.

Premier Atlanta Demolition Services also takes away any worries that permit application or coordination might entail as we handle all the paperwork or legwork that may be required. In regards to safety, Premier Atlanta Demolition Services treats all projects with the same level of attention that has built our reputation throughout the years.

Basements are backfilled to grade, and waste removal is handled professionally, with complete documentation provided to the client as requested. We can also coordinate the removal of hazardous waste from a site, if it is a requirement of the project.

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Demolition and Removal in Five Points

Residental Demolition in Five Points

As the largest residential demolition contractor, we work with various city, state, county and federal entities to quickly and safely complete demolition jobs necessitated by

  • Flooding
  • Health concerns
  • Emergency response
  • Other dangerous environments

As a result, we have helped increase the overall safety and functionality of many neighborhoods.

Commercial Demolition in Five Points

We bring superior expertise to commercial demolition projects that can vary in size and type from hotels and office buildings to strip malls and warehouses.

  • Deconstruction and building material repurposing
  • Concrete crushing
  • Steel processing

Premier Atlanta Demolition Services is committed to your project’s success. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial services and to receive a quote.

Industrial Demolition in Five Points

With some of the most complex projects in the industry, industrial demolition is a science that requires sophistication and precision.

  • Professional expertise
  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Exemplary work practices and safety record
  • Major equipment capacity
  • Asset recovery

Whether your project calls for plant relocation or redevelopment, removal for resale or demolition for scrap, we can handle the job. We make dismantling and demolition projects a turnkey process, from demolition to contamination control and from investment recovery to recycling.

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